Shalese Bruce

Intuitive Heart Coach

Intuitive Heart Coaching 

As a heart coach, I believe that it’s essential for women to reconnect with themselves and their innermost desires. By tapping into their hearts, they can experience deep healing and cultivate intimacy within themselves and others. This process allows them to remember who they truly are and gain the confidence they need to live their best lives. I’m committed to assisting women to achieve these goals and unlock their full potential.

In my coaching/healing sessions, I create a space of unconditional love so that your masks and molds naturally come down, breaking barriers and getting rid of false beliefs that keep you small and stuck so that your TRUE self can shine through.

I’ll walk you through what it feels like to connect to and hear the voice of your heart. You’ll learn how to recognize the difference between your mind and heart so that you can be confident in listening to the voice from within and learn to trust what you’re hearing; receiving the guidance your heart has to give and incorporating that beautiful wisdom to benefit your life, goals and desires.

We are eternal beings so when we learn how to connect to our heart and receive answers from within, we have access to all the answers we seek. Our heart is our connection to Heavenly Father, Mother, Christ, our higher self, ancestors and angels. It’s our connection to our gifts, to love, joy, intimacy, abundance, receiving, Oneness and more!! Our hearts are so sacred and special.

♥ I’ll walk you through healing and opening your heart so you can FEEL all of the incredible gifts that come from your heart to cultivate BEing who you truly are and watch your life transform.

♥ You’ll learn how to FEEL and connect to your emotion authentically without being ashamed.

♥ You’ll experience what it feels like to show up for yourself, take care of YOU and meet your needs.

♥ I’ll teach you how to break down and understand triggers so you can recognize the gift that they are and heal the core issues underneath them.

♥ I’ll assist you in communicating authentically, being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others to cultivate intimacy in not only the relationship with yourself but also creating deep, intimate connections with all those you love most.

♥ You’ll learn what true belonging means and how you create it.

♥ You’ll experience healing your inner child, to create happiness and joy in your life so you can live the life you’ve always wanted and BE your amazing self, shine all of who you are.

♥ You’ll understand what it looks like and feels like to relax into and lead with your Divine Feminine so you can be aligned and balanced with your divinity, connected to the woman Father and Mother created you to be.


Coaching Sessions


At the heart of every person our needs and desires are unique as our fingerprints. There is not a one size fits all. Learn more about the different types of sessions available and CONTACT ME for any questions.

Heart Healing Session

In a heart healing session we assess the current state of your heart and we work through healing heart walls, trapped emotions, traumas and pain that are blocking the heart from opening and being fully connected. The goal is to be open and flowing in love, joy, deep connection to Father, Mother, Christ, self and others.
Opening up to abundance, receiving and learning how to hold space for your emotions, completely unashamed of what comes forward and taking care of yourself so that you can embody the Truth of who you TRULY are.


Inner Child Work

Healing our inner child is very transformative. It’s working through trauma to heal and release what you experienced at various ages throughout your life so you can heal and bring those missing pieces of you back. It’s giving your inner child exactly what she needed at that time. It’s allowing a space for her to be seen, heard and loved and reclaiming gifts you disconnected from or left behind at that time because you started believing something about yourself during those traumatic experiences that weren’t actually true. Releasing beliefs holding you back and keeping you stuck and small so you can RISE to your Divine Truths.


Heart Coaching

Teaching you how to tap into the connection and wisdom of your heart, asking you inspired, intuitive questions to assist you in gaining deeper insights to all that you seek to understand about your life, mission, purpose and goals. Working to create a life you’ve always dreamed of, setting goals and holding a clear vision to achieve all that you desire through simple weekly inspired actions that you receive the answers to directly from the connect to your own heart.


Limiting Beliefs Session
What you believe creates your current reality and those beliefs reflect back to you through what you are currently experiencing in your life. Working through those limiting beliefs you’ve created consciously or subconsciously throughout your life can create a lot of issues and resistance to what you desire to experience in your life. Beliefs that aren’t true tend to hold you back, keep you small, stuck and limited and create exactly what you DON’T want to experience. Recognizing the unhealthy patterns and breaking them down to heal what isn’t serving you so that you can CHOOSE to align with your identity, worth, gifts, Truth, dreams, goals and desires in life so you CAN more easily create the life you yearn for.
Cultivating Intimacy within your Relationships

Cultivating intimacy within myself and in my relationships has been LIFE CHANGING and I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned and how it transformed my marriage and opened my heart to receive my incredible tribe of amazing friends that I longed for my whole life!


Intuitive Healing session

Intuitive coaching is an art and skill of activating a process of healing by receiving divine guidance. Intuitive healing sessions are typically a collaborative process. The coach and client work together to pinpoint the client’s challenges to better know and understand where their trauma, limiting beliefs, intimacy issues are stored within the body and mind and work to heal.



Megan Garner Wiseman

“Shalese is the embodiment of love. 💖 She embraces you deeply in your human imperfection. She shows you the way to the divine truth of who you really are. When you are in her presence, you feel seen and safe to be yourself. When you are being coached by her, you feel free to share all of you…the good, bad and ugly and she still sees how beautiful you are. Her heart is genuine and connected to divine guidance. Her goal is to help you understand the depths of your own heart too. She has intuitively led me through some of my own limiting beliefs and lowest moments. With her support I was able to find hope and healing again.”

Aisha M Hurst

Shalese is one of the most gentle, powerful souls I know 💜 and it shows through her gifts! I am very selective and picky when it comes to having someone work on me, and Shalese by FAR exceeded my expectations. I was able to LET GO of things I’d been wrestling with my whole life, REVEAL things I sort of knew were there, but now with exceptional clarity – and RECONNECT to my heart like never before 🥹 Shalese is patient, humble, kind, strong, encouraging, brilliant, dedicated, and probably above all LOVING. No matter what you’re dealing with, she will help you with a discerning and non-judgemental eye, and is a perfect vessel in both sharing and helping others connect to GOD’S LOVE individually 🤍🙏🏻💜❤️ THANK YOU SHALESE for all you’ve done! And in being willing to share your talents with the world! 🥰 ~ AH

Kira Janae Ritchie

I love this woman! Look no further for someone to lift you and help you shed old beliefs and melt away grief.

Shalese has a unique combination of powerful, feminine gifts that make her a true coach. She listens with her heart, sees clearly, feels deeply, and can hold incredible space for grief, upset, or anything else you are experiencing.

Shalese will meet you where you are at, hold a sacred space for you, and invite you to the next level through her pure light and love.

She is purity…
she is radiance…
she is the answer to your prayers!

Thank you angel Shalese, for healing some long-standing wounds in my heart. ❤️ You are a gift and a treasure!

Mandy Winkworth-Aidukaitis

“I met Shalese via FB three years ago. The first time we spoke on the phone there was an instant connection. Shalese is one of the most warmest, genuine, compassionate human beings I have ever met. She has a way of understanding others in a very empathetic way. She has helped me on several occasions when I have felt like I am losing control of my self or my life. I truly feel like we have known each other for an eternity, I’m sure she makes everyone she meets feel the same way. A truly beautiful soul that I love and cherish.”

Heydi Mosher

“Shalese is an amazing Spiritual Intuitive Healer and Coach. Everytime I talk with her I can feel her compassion, love kindness and friendship not only towards me, but anyone she encounters. her life experiences has given her great perspective and wisdom. She has a unique way of creating a safe space where I feel understood and acceptance. She is a gifted listener. I am grateful for her healing gifts that she so willingly shares. Working with her has made my life better.”

Ashley Romney

“Shalese coming into my life feels like one of the greatest gifts from Heaven. I truly believe it’s not an accident when people enter our lives. Shalese entered my life at the perfect time and it’s been proof of God’s love to me. Her love & nature has been so healing and she receives such beautiful messages aligned with pure truth for my heart every time I work with her. She is full of so much love, compassion, and incredible amounts of wisdom. Shalese truly leads me to Christ every single time I’m in her space. I’m so careful about who I work with, and working with Shalese is truly a peaceful experience where I feel like I draw closer to Christ every single time.”

Jessica Huish

“Shalese is incredibly intuitive and gifted. She works through Jesus Christ, Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Father and earthly & heavenly Angels to bring incredible miracles of healing to her clients.

I have been the beneficiary of her love and gifts many times. She has helped lift my soul and heal my heart through very difficult circumstances and past experiences. I am especially grateful that she has shown me how to connect to the sacred soul within, as well as strengthen my relationship with the Master Healer, Jesus Christ.”

Lynetta Anthony

“I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Shalese on my heart, She created a safe and loving Christ centered space, where I felt I could open up about past hurts and experiences in my life that were keeping me from trusting, loving, healing and moving forward.

Her ability to listen  and guide with kindness and compassion made me feel heard without judgement and open to new perspectives. All I felt was true love, encouragement and divine empowerment to step into my truth.”

Summer Doshier

“Shalese is a really good example of unconditional love, she gives it so freely. I felt like I could talk to her about anything. I shared something deep with her that I haven’t shared with many people and there was no judgement from her. Only listening to learn and understand. She opens the space for Christ and just pure light to be present in each session and conversation. It feels like working with a long time friend who cares for you deeply. The healing that took place was transformative. It is something I needed for so long. I felt literally unblocked in my heart. Since working with her, I’ve experienced so much self love. I feel like I remember who I truly am.”

Cari Erickson

“Working with Shalese has never been anything short of life changing! One thing I love about our sessions (we have had many) is I have never once felt judged. She has a way of holding space for you in that moment so you can focus on healing and letting go. You can feel her compassion, her love through the phone. She sincerely wants you to feel the love for yourself that our Savior feels for us! During our sessions, I feel like she has all the time in the world to hear what I need to say, To help me let go of what is ready to go. She wants to walk with me. Never rushed. Shalese has been such a blessing to me & my family. She has truly led me closer to God & has helped me grow in my own self confidence & gifts.”

Shana Guymon

“Shalese has a calm, gentle personality that is very healing in itself. She is patient and kind and very in tune with the spirit. A session with her leaves one feeling strengthened, edified, cleansed & renewed.”

Lisa Wayment

“I believe we are guided and assisted by those around us to who we need and if we are willing to listen we are gifted to have amazing friendships and guides that pop up along the way. I met Shalese at  a time in my life where I was trying to walk my way out of depression and grief and was working at fighting back to normalcy in my life. Shalese held space for my pain and saddness and allowed me to forgive my loving Heavenly Father, find peace for myself and to see the beauty in all the hardship that has happened in my life. Working through these things have made me a better person, Mom, spouse and friend. Thank you for seeing me as a Child of God and holding a special place for me as I worked with you and others to heal the many traumas and wounds I could not let go of through the years. I see joy and a very different future for me because of the relationship I am now cultivating with my Savior.”

Rachel Munson

“I love Shalese! She sees me for who I truly am. It’s her gift to just see this way! I have been extremely impressed with her spirituality and her connection to Jesus Christ. I tell people Christ walks with Shalese. She has been an instrument in healing my heart and helping see the power that my heart contains and how to live from my heart! I can’t wait for more sessions with her. She has helped spiritual concepts became literal, tangiable for me. I am blessed to know her. Thank you Shalese for being who you are and for guiding people in an incredibly loving, powerful way.”

Eileen Teripaia

“Working with Shalese has been amazing!! She radiates Christ’s pure light. We’ve known each other for many years but just recently started to do healing together. She is so intuitive and knowledgeable in what she does. Shalese has helped my family and I tremendously, such a blessing. She has so much unconditional love for everyone. I’m thankful for her sharing her gift to help others. Thank you!!!”

Erin Liberty

“I appreciate all of the love and dedication she puts in to her work. As Shalese is led by the spirit and her intuition, she is extremely helpful and gives you the tools for self healing. Her approach is gentle, kind and non judgemental. Love her!”

Sarah Swanger

“Shalese is an amazingly gifted light worker and friend to all. Her light is infectious and one can’t help but be strengthened working with her. Her gifts are plentiful and continue to overflow. I highly recommend Shalese to anyone who’s seeking to go within, to heal, to RISE.”