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At the heart of every person our needs and desires are unique as our fingerprints. Take a moment to connect to your heart and choose the package that will serve you best. 



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Coaching Sessions


 Learn more about the different types of sessions available and CONTACT ME for any questions.

Heart Healing Session

In a heart healing session we assess the current state of your heart and we work through healing heart walls, trapped emotions, traumas and pain that are blocking the heart from opening and being fully connected. The goal is to be open and flowing in love, joy, deep connection to Father, Mother, Christ, self and others.
Opening up to abundance, receiving and learning how to hold space for your emotions, completely unashamed of what comes forward and taking care of yourself so that you can embody the Truth of who you TRULY are.


Inner Child Work

Healing our inner child is very transformative. It’s working through trauma to heal and release what you experienced at various ages throughout your life so you can heal and bring those missing pieces of you back. It’s giving your inner child exactly what she needed at that time. It’s allowing a space for her to be seen, heard and loved and reclaiming gifts you disconnected from or left behind at that time because you started believing something about yourself during those traumatic experiences that weren’t actually true. Releasing beliefs holding you back and keeping you stuck and small so you can RISE to your Divine Truths.


Heart Coaching

Teaching you how to tap into the connection and wisdom of your heart, asking you inspired, intuitive questions to assist you in gaining deeper insights to all that you seek to understand about your life, mission, purpose and goals. Working to create a life you’ve always dreamed of, setting goals and holding a clear vision to achieve all that you desire through simple weekly inspired actions that you receive the answers to directly from the connect to your own heart.


Limiting Beliefs Session
What you believe creates your current reality and those beliefs reflect back to you through what you are currently experiencing in your life. Working through those limiting beliefs you’ve created consciously or subconsciously throughout your life can create a lot of issues and resistance to what you desire to experience in your life. Beliefs that aren’t true tend to hold you back, keep you small, stuck and limited and create exactly what you DON’T want to experience. Recognizing the unhealthy patterns and breaking them down to heal what isn’t serving you so that you can CHOOSE to align with your identity, worth, gifts, Truth, dreams, goals and desires in life so you CAN more easily create the life you yearn for.
Cultivating Intimacy within your Relationships

Cultivating intimacy within myself and in my relationships has been LIFE CHANGING and I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned and how it transformed my marriage and opened my heart to receive my incredible tribe of amazing friends that I longed for my whole life!


Intuitive Healing session

Intuitive coaching is an art and skill of activating a process of healing by receiving divine guidance. Intuitive healing sessions are typically a collaborative process. The coach and client work together to pinpoint the client’s challenges to better know and understand where their trauma, limiting beliefs, intimacy issues are stored within the body and mind and work to heal.